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The changing world in agriculture with globalization and the need to feed an increasing population, is leading to the urgent need of connecting innovation and science based companies globally. Some local consultants try to help, however there is a need of a professional consulting model which is truly global in nature and can help BioAg & Agri companies achieve their objectives of innovation, go-to market strategies, product commercialization, investment seeking and geographic expansion.

....and are dedicated to your success

Our global network of well accomplished partners and business associates, make us ‘Locally Global’. We are on hand to partner with you and help develop strategic alliances, M&A or business partnerships. Our partners and business associates are also able to form part of your team and assist with R&D, Regulation, Marketing and Distribution.  


Biologicals are becoming a must for IPM and ICM

BioAg solutions are becoming a must for integrated pest management and integrated crop management and play a crucial role when it comes to sustainable agriculture. GBAL offers services and support for the development and commercialisation of BioAg products.

The BioAg segment is rapidly expanding

The BioAg industry is the fastest growing ag input segment but still innovation is very localized, while populations growth pressure is wide spread. Connecting, collaborating and forming partnerships has never been so important and GBAL can provide a key linkage and can facilitate partnerships, helping the BioAg community be better connected globally.

We fill a gap of business expertise for BioAg companies

There is clear gap of business expertise in small and medium size  companies. Many have great science however don't know how to maximize the potential of their innovation with global reach. With its vast network of experts,GBAL can provide that linkage for global reach.

BioAg solutions play an important role in the food chain

BioAg solutions are a must to improve food quality and safety, thus important for the food chain globally, GBAL can connect BioAg companies across the globe ensuring biological products are being developed to assist food chain demands. 

A network of experts all under one umbrella

There are good consultants and advisors in various countries but there is a visible gap of a network of consultants and advisors who are connected globally under one umbrella, GBAL provides that vast network. 

Trust, due diligence, verification and validation

There are businesses who easily fall in to the snake oil category but claim to be innovative, likewise there are companies who are skinny in their reach but make tall claims, GBAL can provide that trusting due diligence, verification and validation process globally with the help of local intelligence.

We also have a dedicated team SPECIALIZING IN Traditional crop protection & AgTech