Our Services are tailored to your needs


Business & Strategy Audit and Business Planning

Expertise includes:

  • Assisting with business development and business management 
  • Developing a Go-to-Market strategy
  • Forming a geographical expansion plan
  • Optimising existing & new market segments
  • Developing a robust product positioning plan

Business Operation, Talent and Training Management

Expertise includes:

  • Setting up of regional/local legal entity
  • The development and training of high performing business teams
  • Connecting & hiring of key talent pool
  • Product portfolio planning & innovation strategy map development
  • Toll manufacturing strategy and subsidiary set up

Marketing Mix, Marcom, PR, Branding

Expertise includes:

  • Development of corporate brands & product brands with alignment of global brand strategy
  • Digital marketing and raising company profiles online via social media and digital platforms
  • Events & in-house training courses

IP, Regulatory, Patents and Governance

Expertise includes:

  • Regulatory support for biostimulants, bio-fertilisers and biopesticides
  • Product registration and regulatory support
  • Dossier preparation for plant protection products 
  • A global network- we provide regulatory support for BioAg products in Europe, Asia, Latin America and USA
  • IP and legal support 

Go to Market, Sales and Distribution

Expertise includes:

  • Realigning & streamlining distribution strategy 
  • Developing a robust business and sales plan in line with regional objectives
  • Enhancing the distribution network of growers and partners 
  • Technical leadership and agronomic support to distributors, growers and R&D teams
  • Access & deployment of technology services that enables smooth operation at the field level

Licensing, JV, M&A and Partnerships

Expertise includes:

  • Forming strategic alliances for sustainable growth
  • M&A of product/services for portfolio enhancement
  • Operational support in M&A activities for products, technology and JVs including due diligence, financial valuation & PMI