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About Global BioAg Linkages

How it all started.

Global BioAg Linkages, established in 2017, is exactly what the word "linkages" promises: a global outreach to all segments of the BioAgTech industry, from farmers to innovators to regulatory areas to business and marketing aspects. GBL accomplishes this global focus through its BioAg World (BAW) Platform: an online magazine, a massive networking event, a cutting-edge CCA-certified training platform and global experts who specialize in all aspects of BioAgTech.

GBL Mission

Our mission it to link YOU and your company through education, networking, news & innovation and industry experts who can join your team and help implement best practices.

GBL Vision

Our vision is to become the leading global platform that seamlessly connects individuals and companies in the bioagriculture sector through comprehensive education, robust networking opportunities, timely news updates, and fostering innovation.

Our Four Pillars

GBL accomplishes this global focus through its BioAg World (BAW) Platforms.

BAW Academy

Get the most out of the carefully curated, in-demand, industry-relevant online learning modules presented by globally renowned experts in the BioAgTech Industry!

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BAW Digest

In 2021, GBL introduced the BIOAG World (BAW) Digest, a digital magazine catering to global bioag industry professionals. This publication fills a crucial gap by providing cutting-edge information, thought leadership, and news.

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BAW Congress

This Congress is produced 'by the BioAg industry and for the BioAg industry' and unites continents, allows face-to-face networking and offers the latest technological advances within BioAg.

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BAW Advisory

Advisory services bring experts from around the world to help you reach the defined goals of your personalized plan. We offer expert advising in the synergistic areas of seeds & biotechnology, specialty plant nutrition and precision ag.

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Global BioAg Linkages

7 Years of Expertise in BioAg Innovation: Global BioAg Linkages

Welcome to Global BioAg Linkages, where we harness over seven years of dedicated experience in the dynamic field of BioAg (Biological Agriculture). With a deep-rooted commitment to sustainability, innovation, and agricultural advancement, our team brings unparalleled expertise to the global BioAg landscape. Over the past seven years, we've been at the forefront of BioAg innovation, driving positive change in agricultural practices worldwide. From pioneering research to practical applications, we've cultivated a rich legacy of success stories, forging strong linkages across the globe.
At Global BioAg Linkages, we pride ourselves on our holistic approach, integrating cutting-edge technologies, sustainable practices, and scientific research to deliver tailored solutions for our clients. Our extensive experience spans a wide range of sectors within the BioAg industry, including seed and biotechnology, precision ag tech, specialty plant nutrition, and more.

Meet Our Team

Team of Doers

Roger Tripathi

Founder and CEO

Sucheta A Wadhwa

Co-Editor, Digest

Dhruv Lvania

Sub-Editor, Digest

Nancy Hintz

Content Writer



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What People’s Say.

GBL's BioAg World Platform offers a comprehensive hub for the entire BioAgTech industry. From insightful articles to top-notch training, GBL connects stakeholders worldwide.
Jake Wright
BioAg Industry
As a farmer, I've found GBL's resources invaluable. Their expertise spans every facet of BioAgTech, making them a trusted partner in navigating this rapidly evolving field.
Michael Cook
Farmer Union